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Mr. Naylor has been with Webb & Brooker since August of 1990. In that time he has grown from an Accounts Administrator, where he was responsible for computing payroll, check distribution, employee benefit coordination and funds disbursements of all accounts payables and receivables to Vice President. He also filled the role of Property Manager, where he was responsible for the daily operations of real estate development, negotiated and leased commercial and residential spaces and worked with government representatives to enforce all related government regulations. In addition, Mr. Naylor has functioned as Webb & Brooker’s Field Operations Supervisor and was responsible for supervising all property managers and maintenance staff for all portfolio buildings and prepared monthly management reports and yearly budgets for all buildings. The main liaison for building boards and committees, he also conducts regular staff meetings and negotiations with contractors.

Mr. Naylor is a member of The Real Estate Board of New York Management, Council.

Mr. Naylor holds a degree in Business Management, is registered in apartment management (RAM) and holds a New York City Real Estate Brokers License. Prior to joining Webb & Brooker, Mr. Naylor worked at Ensign Bank, FSB as a Supervisor of Jumbo CD’s where he interacted with customer service, brokers, bank clients and other banks and handled interest check problems and monitored stop payment requests for CD’s.
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