Experts in NYC Real Estate Since 1968

Webb & Brooker possesses over 50 years of experience in management, leasing and sales of residential and commercial properties throughout the New York area. Founded in 1968 by Eugene H. Webb and George M. Brooker, the firm immediately established itself as a sophisticated real estate operator through the assignment of a 236-unit residential development owned by one of New York's leading financial institutions. The two principals, leveraging their combined fifty years of experience in the real estate industry, developed a reputation for running an organization that provides a high-quality, cost-effective level of service. This quickly translated into a host of signature properties under management for several of New York's leading financial institutions.

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Over the past five decades, Webb & Brooker has accumulated an impressive portfolio of large residential and commercial properties in the New York Metropolitan area. Today, Webb & Brooker remains under the leadership of Bernard Warren, Chairman, and Dimitri Naylor, President, and continues to influence urban landscapes as the firm has done since its founding over 50 years ago.

Webb & Brooker prides itself on applying its management approach to ensure that all its properties run more smoothly and efficiently. Through the implementation of its management control and programs, properties can substantially improve and upgrade their operations.

In addition to Managing Agents, Webb & Brooker is also recognized as real estate brokers who understand the complexities and dynamics of a challenging real estate market. They bring this experience and insight to you whether you are considering the sale of a property or the acquisition of one.

Finally, Webb & Brooker serves as a consultant and/or developer to owners with respect to developing and repositioning properties to increase and enhance their values. Based on its extensive management experience and real estate market knowledge, Webb & Brooker is recognized for its ability to maximize property value.
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