Webb & Brooker also serves as a consultant to owners with respect to helping non-profit organizations refinance, redevelop and preserve affordable housing. Webb & Brooker will help owners with fully occupied properties in need of substantial capital improvements. The firm’s development team will devise and implement a plan in conjunction with the Board, residents and governmental agencies.

Select Projects:

Warbrook Realty, LLC/Wrenbrook Realty, LLC
Webb & Brooker affiliates Warbrook Realty, LLC and Wrenbrook Realty, LLC has successfully developed multiple properties through the New York City low-income housing tax credit program. Tax credits were used to rehabilitate 101 residential units, and 96 residential units respectively. The total cost of these projects was $20 million.

Philips Park LLC, New York, NY

Webb & Brooker, Inc. served as consultant on the refinance of the mortgage and currently advises the owner, residents and developer on the redevelopment of this 260-unit housing development in Harlem, NY. The development was constructed in the 1970’s, thus it needs substantial improvements in order to preserve the quality of life for the existing residents.

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